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TH App: Hachiko Claudia by Aiumon TH App: Hachiko Claudia by Aiumon
Edit: i am fixing some things up owo

 Hachiko Claudia
Nickname: "ko-ko"  but she never tells anyone that because she embarrassed of it. So she mostly likes to be addressed by her surname, Hachiko. Claudia is a rare, and at times, she even forgets her first name, is her first name XD

Sexuality: she doesn't care, because she is focused on studies.

Basketball (for some strange reason, I put all my characters in basketball :"D)

+Nice cool days, with a summer sun in the sky
+Getting good grades, because she wants to make her mama proud
+Nice people. Although she comes off rough, she has a tendency to be rather nice to you,if you are nice to her
+Neatness, everywhere
+Playing sports, because it relieves her of all the stress from the studying and crap
+....cute things, she will cry
+Getting gifts
+People who say they like her (she will like, be the most loyal dog ever omg)


-Her pet peeves which consist of:
    people not saying thank you
    hitting her elbow/knee/toe AT THE CORNER OF A SHARP DESK
    Hand dryers that dont work in bathrooms, then there is no paper towels
    People texting while she tries to talk to them
    People who litter/miss the trash can
    Needing to use the bathroom, on test days
    When her eraser o her pencil gets to low, and she cant erase from it
that is just the half of it XD
 -when people say she is ugly, she will actually cry, then get mad XD
-Her hair
-Her thighs, because she feels like she is to big, even though, she really isn't
-admitting her weaknesses/insecurities
-Feeling like she is getting talked down to
-sucking up to other people    
-Being sensitive to touchy subjects.
-DOGS, she literally cries
-CRYING because she cries all the time, and tries to cover it up with her toughness

she sounds like a tsundere is denial//sighs.

- how does your character come across to others? -

Welll, she tends to be pushy and shy at first, due to not knowing her surroundings. She tends to be the type to well, lets just say, to not put up with peoples attitudes. Unless you come across that way, she will not shut up about every little inch of things you did, because her memory. Also she comes across serious, since she wants to hold herself high, and bow down to no one.....except...when that special person comes then maybe.

- How do they interact and what traits do they have which define them? -

Well when she interacts with others, it can nor be good, or it can be..awkward. She is actually shy on the inside, but likes to show her outside to be strong, like her mama BD


- Kindergarten / Preschool -

Well, she was an outcast, because she never really looked like any kids....BUT SHE DIDN'T CARE, in fact, she always used to play by herself, and make it work.So at this age, she never really cared, and she made some great friends along the way!! In fact, at this time she was rather optimistic and happy, not worry about school or any of that crap. In fact she enjoyed it, and till this day, these were best memories, because well, she was happy. (she tends to have some good memory, specifically remembering good things) Sadly, her mom was living with her mother at the time, due to being so poor, and trying to get off her feet. She would try to buy anything for her daughter regardless of whatevers

- Elementary School -

She sorta...caught hell well in the beginning it seemed like so. There was this group of girls that would always seem to pick on her, till this one really nice kid and his friend told them to STEP OFFF. From there she became good friends with this guy and his friends, whom of which were foreigners like her. She would always hang out with this guys, and go playing with them. They introduced her to their group of foreigner friends and they became a bro posy. At this time she was a tomboy because of it, also this was the year she was interested in sports due to the boys always going outside to play basketball, and football, and anything with a ball. But, her family life at home was hectic, and her mom was in serious depression. Her mom cried, which is where she gets her obsessive crying from and she remembered watching her every night, so she would go and cuddle her in her sleep....sheusedtobsosweet

- Middle School / Junior High -

AHHH this is when she changed XD . Well basically, this is when she had to grow some skin, her mom decided to move this year, and she was so heartbroken, that she had to restart alll over, and at a new school.  Doing so, she HATED the new town like seriously, this is were she got her rough layer of thick skin from because, she wanted to be something new. And being happy and go lucky, to her, got her no where. She she decided to isolate herself from the other kids and focus on her studies. She realllyy wanted to get accepted into a great school, because she wanted her and her mom to live a better life. Although she was horrible at math, she would stay after school with her teacher asking questions, till she became decent at it. Her grades rose, and she was happy to see it soon develop. People used to go to her to ask questions, specially on English, since her mom taught her it, and she would ONLY help them and try not to become friends because she doesnt wanna get close and grow emotionally attached....then she gonna cry at night because she cried before when she had to leave her other friends. This year she tried out for sports and made the team, she was always known as being fast and guided with her moves, her shooting skils were okay, but her dodging skills were about almost to perfect. She would always stay after practice and just well, play by herself. So as life grew harder and harder, she would always assume life is a game. Playing it right and winning was her number 1 goal, and that she prepared for, but at the same time, she faces loneliness.In the end when she graduated, she had no friends so she was FOREVER ALONE

- Summer before starting Tachikawa High -

Well, she was excited to have been able to get into certain schools, although some she really hoped for, didnt look at her application. She didnt care, because in the end, all the schools she got second to that were superb. Her mother was also happy, because now, she can broaden the horizons! aha that was lame, anyways. She first went to an elite school where here mom could sorta pay for it, BUT she had to move again because of her job. Soo she was devastated AGAIN!! Now she had 2 options, to go to a random school or to Tachikawa High. She decided to enroll into Tachikawa High, assuming they had a great sports program and education.And it seemed like the best school from the district

Additional Info:

-Fluent in English and Japanese
-She likes to wash everything
-Cleans like nobodys business
-Her mom is actually really fluent in English, since she is/was a translator. She would meet up on like military bases and translate what the people where saying to the soldiers (in business meeting of course)
-Claudias mother was actually abandoned by her father when she met him in his army base.He got she changed  claudias surname to hers
-wishes to visit him, since her mom does talk to him from time to time
-embraces herself
-has superber memory
-when she gets to know people, she likes to know their name first, so she can remember their face and stuff. So she always does the genetic "My name is__.What is your name?"
-when she stresses she always says that quote, to sorta be likes reality check XD


"Life is like a game we all must play.."


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Aiumon Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
AH thank you so much, Yeah well i have to XD I love writing out long bios, besides i wanted to get in so bad
FritzOfTheSS Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome! :3
whianem Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014   Digital Artist
Cute, cute, and again cute T^T I love her. I love tanned characters always, they are so unusual! She's very cool *O* And she has exactly the same hair that I want for me in a few months xDDDD

Good job!
Aiumon Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my! Thank you so much!! I am forever grateful aha ;w; You want your hair like hers? AHH I bet it gonna look perfect on you
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